In the heart of Haut-Quercy, like it was attached to a cliff soaring 150 metres over the steep-sided valley of the Alzou, this Marian city has been a famous pilgrimage site since the XII century, frequented since the Middle Ages by numerous “pilgrims”, anonymous or famous, who came to worship the Black Virgin and the tomb of Saint Amadour.

Rocamadour, “The citadel of faith” is also a major tourist site. The medieval city, with its winding alleys, is guarded by a series of fortified gates.

A monumental stair that the pilgrims climbed (and sometimes still climb) on their knees leads to the esplanade of the sanctuaries where you will find the Saint-Sauveur basilica, the Saint-Amadour crypt (classified as a world heritage site) and the various chapels.

A route of the cross leads to the chateau and the Jerusalem cross where a panoramic viewpoint has been set up.
To summarise: “the houses on the river, the churches on the houses, the rocks on the churches and the chateau on the rock” as they say here !

40 minutes from La Chêneraie.