The prefecture of Lot, it is located in the Midi-Pyrénées region. The biggest town in the department, with 20,194 inhabitants, in the heart of an agglomeration of 42,107 inhabitants, Cahors is the historic capital of Quercy. Its inhabitants are known as the Cadurciens (previously the Cahorsins).

Curled up in a meander of the Lot, surrounded by craggy hills and the arid heights of the limestone plateau, the city is rich with a very diverse set of monuments, in particular inherited from ancient times and the Middle Ages (historic centre with twisting alleys and expensive hotels, Saint-Étienne cathedral and especially the famous Pont Valentré (classified as a world heritage site by Unesco because of the Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle trail).

A major tourist centre, famous for its vineyards and gastronomy (truffles, foie gras), this little typically southern town has the “Towns of art and history” label.

Climb to the Mont-Saint-Cyr panoramic viewpoint: the view is sublime! Either in the early morning as the fog clears to reveal the town, or at night when the lights illuminate the roads and alleys, or even in full light of day...

15km from La Chêneraie.